Been Writing & Researching for Over a Year

We’ve been writing and researching for a year

A year in the making, It’s a Shareable Life is nearly ready for prime time – that is, with the kindness and generosity of strangers who can help make the book a reality. You see, we need money for the last round to help pay the editors, print books and get the book out in as many mediums as possible so that we can spread the message of the sharing economy far beyond the borders of the Silicon Valley – into middle America, the South, smaller more rural communities off the beaten path who could really benefit from knowing how to save money, make money, conserve resources and have access to their dreams all at once!

The possibilities were something we had to share

12 months ago, Gabriel, Alex and I sat around talking incessantly about the possibilities of the sharing economy. We’d talk about our adventures with Couchsurfing (and the documentary we made One Couch at a Time) and how Airbnb was transforming our idea of a stranger and of empty space. And then I’d rely most own experience of how lending our cars could drastically reduce the cost of ownership.

As we interviewed founders from all over the sharing economy and met with the users to discover their experience – this book became a no-brainer. It was something we had to do to give back, to contribute and to spread the love we’d encountered through the transformative experience that the sharing economy provides.

You can call it asset reallocation, collaborative consumption or anything you want, but the fact is that the way we’re doing business is changing. Now just as anyone is a producer or a consumer online, the same is true in the sharing economy – only it’s the offline equivalent. Anyone can become a micro-preneur by driving people around through SideCar or offering up their spare bedroom on Airbnb. And conversely anyone can be a guest in a strangers home or get a ride from a community member they’ve never met.

We’re at an intersection of community over individualism

We’re at an intersection where it makes more sense to spend less, do more and have a more flexible life. No longer are we suckered in by the myth that ownership will give us peace at the end of the rainbow of happiness.

We’ve unearthed a new paradigm where community replaces individualism, sharing provides access over ownership and truly connecting trumps transacting. While we have a long road to go, society is moving toward more oneness. We starting to see that even the veins of the economy that we are all part of the same organism. We can’t keep denying that we need one another! Whether it’s in clear-cut linear form such as how connected our financial structures are or through the experience of bonding with another human being while getting our needs met – these examples illustrate what’s inherently true. Everything is connected.

The guide is written to teach, show and tell the story of sharing

This book has been written as a how-to guide on purpose – to reach people where they think they most need to be reached in an immediate sense – economically. If people can see how the sharing economy will lead them to saving hundreds of dollars per month and potentially earning thousands, that might just be enough to make them consider taking the leap of trust that’s necessary to let a stranger stay on their couch or to lend their car to someone random from the internet. The thing is, people begin to share for individual reasons and oftentimes continue because it feels good, it feels right – it feels like a sense of belonging that you just don’t get from hotels, car rental agencies and big box corporations.

If it calls to you, please help us

If you can, please pre-purchase a copy of the book to support this endeavor or if you’re a sharing economy company and want a more involved, please get in touch. I’d love to talk about ways that we can help each other spread this powerful, coming of age message to as many people as can muster hearing it.

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