About the Authors

There is a feeling you get when you share something – and that feeling is why we wrote this book. Whether you share information, a story, your blender or even a meal, you come away with more than what was physically exchanged. Through sharing, each of the authors saw how they could create more connection with others and simultaneously while leading richer, more fulfilling lives. Each of us knew we couldn’t go on without contributing this book. Call it a cosmic-have-to or an epiphany amongst three friends – either way, we hope you’ll use the ideas and services in this book to generate the new economy and a brighter future for all of us.

Chelsea Rustrum
Chelsea grew up with the internet, building websites from a young age, witnessing the evolution of the globally connected culture she always knew was possible. She’s passionate about growing the movement of sharing and in revealing what she calls “our inherent interdependence.” She lives in San Francisco, and has shared nearly everything covered in this book. She’s an entrepreneur and runs a free stuff site, operates as a marketing consultant, and a digi-hippie at heart. You can read more of her thoughts at rustrum.com.

Gabriel Stempinski
Gabriel is a life adventurer, a business consultant, a father of two, and an avid Couchsurfer. He has had a wildly successful career, but has always found solace in connecting with others and in being generous. He sees no logical reason not to share and regularly buys strangers coffee, pays their bridge tolls, and generally passes on the spirit of goodwill to others. He now lives with his wife and two kids in Southern California, and is excited to see how far and wide the vision for this book can spread.

Alexandra Liss
Alexandra is a talented filmmaker. She found the sharing economy through Couchsurfing, which prompted her to crowdfund, film, and edit her first full feature documentary “One Couch at a Time,” which tells the story of traveling the world for 6 months, staying on strangers’ couches along the way. She’s an avid sharer, regularly hosting international guests and testing the limits of what it means to share.